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About Us

Opened in 2011, Johnny Zheng brings many years of restaurant experience to our town. Practically raised in restaurants, Johnny’s father was a renowned Chicago restauranteur. Trained in classical and improvisational cooking, Johnny can prepare you any of his famous menu items or customize it for health or taste reasons to your liking. Never using MSG in his kitchen, Johnny depends on the flavors of the local produce and always fresh meats. He believes in delivering more than your money’s worth and the taste and presentation of his food tells you that without words. Come in and dine with us, take it home or let us deliver to you within our local area. You will be amazed that fine Chinese food can be had in Friendswood at such a value. We depend on repeat business, so come often and leave happy. If you aren’t sure what to order either ask us or a table by you, someone is always  in love with one of our dishes.